Sealing Materials

The rubber coated metal has excellent sealing performance, excellent compression rebound, stress relaxation, good liquid resistance, and excellent durability because of its special structure, which takes into account the rigidity of metal and the elasticity of rubber.

Our R&D team strives to achieve the ultimate performance of our products through continuous efforts to improve the process to meet the various stringent requirements of our customers.

Material: NBR,FKM, polymer elastic material.
State: high foaming, low foaming, non-foaming, fiber reinforced.
Function: Sealing, compression deformation, elastic compensation, sound absorption, vibration damping, heat insulation, etc.
Material: stainless steel, cold-rolled steel, aluminum alloy, etc.
Function: To provide strength and resistance to deformation of the material.
Maximum Width: 880mm
Efron metal compound rubber sealing materials are treated with a proprietary process that eliminates the need to coat the product surface with a release agent, while providing the performance of non-stick cylinders at high temperatures.
It can also be coated with customer-specified release agents, including graphite, resin graphite, PTFE, etc., according to customer requirements.