The 22nd International Friction And Seal Materials Technology Exchange And Product Exhibition Successfully Concluded

The 22nd International Friction and Sealing Materials Technology Exchange and Product Exhibition organized by China Friction and Sealing Materials Association was held in Hall 8 of Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center from October 14-16, 2020.

The exhibition covered friction materials, sealing materials, raw materials for the production of friction and sealing materials, various fibers, chemical products and related machinery, attracting more than a hundred exhibitors. Earlier this year by the epidemic, resulting in the postponement of this exhibition, but the enthusiasm of enterprise exhibitors and the enthusiasm of industry experts speech, in order to make up for the impact caused by the epidemic, this organizing committee offline exhibition at the same time, but also held an online exhibition, free value-added services, through the Internet form, the exhibition to focus on a wide range of publicity, including: exhibition introduction, schedule, station recommendations, interactive zone, etc. content.

The exhibition also held a series of technical presentations in the conference room of Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center in the same period, inviting 15 experts and industry experts to give wonderful speeches on intelligent manufacturing, the requirements of new energy vehicles for friction sealing materials, new processes of friction sealing materials, etc.